About Us

Who We Are

After 25 years of casting in the Chicago market, David is still driven by the notion that talent can make or break a project and is continuously inspired by “that moment” when talent brings a creative vision to life.

From being “The Wiz”, David also learned the power and value of teamwork. Through his public humiliation, his esteemed cast and crew had his back with “No, really, you were great!” reviews. Now he and his spirited team have their Clients' backs.

Oh, if you want to see David in “The Wiz,” call the office and ask for his sister Joan. She takes bribes.

Why We Love What We Do

With over 25 years in the casting business we’ve stopped counting the amount of spots, films, industrials, print, voice over, Real People projects… Well, let’s just say it’s countless.

OCC’s favorite part of casting:
- Working with talented Directors, Producers, Writers and Creatives and the lifelong relationships we’ve built.
- Casting is never boring. Each project is a unique puzzle and we enjoy coming up with creative, cost effective casting approaches.
- Working in Chicago – the best city in the world with some of the most talented actors. Their range is impressive – from improvisers to theatrical stars. And we know them all – from the old timers to the newbies.
- The adrenaline rush. Casting is like a triage unit – although it’s not life or death (it is in theory), we love the rush of making magic. Quickly.