Our Team

David O’Connor, CSA

(Owner/Director of Casting)

David has cast for thousands of projects for the industry’s most respected directors, production companies and agencies. Helping him build this impressive body of work is his team of dedicated, creative and experienced professionals that are as devoted as he is to finding you the best cast for your project.

To contact David for a casting please click here.

Joan O’Connor, CSA Associate

(Casting Director)

After 15 years producing, writing and directing non-scripted television programming in Los Angeles, Emmy Award winner Joan O’Connor decided it was time to move back to Chicago and work alongside her favorite person and brother David. She’s been casting for over 9 years and loves working with Chicago’s amazing talent. She continues to fuel her passion for storytelling by overseeing the Non-actor division as demand for “Real People” casting is ever increasing. Joan is also an Associate member of CSA.

Virginia Anello, CSA Associate

(Casting Director)

Virginia Anello is a CSA Associate member and Casting Director in her 10th year with O’Connor Casting Company. Prior to casting, she graduated from Columbia College Chicago and freelanced in production for many years. As a Casting Director, she strives to represent Chicago’s strong and competitive talent market to production companies and advertising agencies, while also providing talent with as many employment opportunities as possible. She likes nothing better than seeing working actors make a solid living doing what they love. She will also geek out over all the things.

David Murphy

(Session Director)

Having returned to O’Connor Casting after starting an acting school, David is a go to session director. He brings years of experience in casting and teaching improvisation and acting into everything he does here... Plus a wickedly dry sense of humor to the office.

Jessica Lyons

(Casting Assistant/Session Director)

Jess is the kind of gal who always has an extra Band-Aid, might bring you homemade goodies if you’re extra nice, and is always down to watch baby animal videos. She’s a BFA graduate of Roosevelt University’s CCPA, and has spent most of her good years filling her passport with stamps as a performer, tour manager, and producer. Three things to know about her: She’s hopelessly devoted to making thorough lists, you probably shouldn’t mess with her until she’s had lots of coffee, and yes- that’s probably her singing in the hallway.

Jessica "JK" Kirstein

(Casting Coordinator)

Jessie Kirstein (AKA “JK”) spent her childhood karate-chopping through life with her furry dog-sister, Shadow. Now that she’s on her own in the big city (she gave up martial arts classes and is now equipped with Film Production and Psychology degrees from Loyola), she is so excited to add casting to her resume and learn the ropes at O’Connor. If you really want to get on her good side, you can chat her up about really badly made horror films (they make her giggle like a school girl).

She hates the cold (even though she’s born and bred in Chicago) so don’t invite her to any of your snow-angel-making or cold-weather activities. But if you can make use of her amazing foreign language skills, please do – she can order 10 different flavors of Gelatto in Italian.

Dexter O'Connor

(Casting Dog)

Drama will always be the reigning Queen at O’Connor, but since her passing, Dexter has become the Court Jester. He loves everything about the casting process and hopes one day to have a cameo in a commercial. In his spare time Dexter enjoys dumping his food bowl on the floor, playing fetch, killing babies (stuffed animals), pushing balls under couches to get his hooman to retrieve, and writing. Check out his “Dexter’s Industry Tips and Tails” on our Facebook page.

Drama “Queen” O’Connor

(Casting Canine, RIP 8/4/16)

She will always be apart of the office and the casting community of Chicago. She lived up to her name and her devotion to all is eternal. She spent ten years bringing joy, and crazy to our lives and will be in our memories forever.