Our Team

David O’Connor, CSA

(Owner/Director of Casting)

David has cast for thousands of projects for the industry’s most respected directors, production companies and agencies. Helping him build this impressive body of work is his team of dedicated, creative and experienced professionals that are as devoted as he is to finding you the best cast for your project.

To contact David for a casting please click here.

Joan O’Connor, CSA Associate

(Casting Director)

After 15 years producing, writing and directing non-scripted television programming in Los Angeles, Emmy Award winner Joan O’Connor decided it was time to move back to Chicago and work alongside her favorite person and brother David. She’s been casting for 8 years and loves working with Chicago’s amazing talent. She continues to fuel her passion for storytelling by overseeing the Non-actor division as demand for “Real People” casting is ever increasing. Joan is also an Associate member of CSA.

Virginia Anello, CSA Associate

(Casting Director)

Virginia Anello is right at home here at O’Connor Casting Company. Bringing her Columbia College film & video education along with her experience freelancing in local production to the table, Virginia is vital to the day-to-day office operations, as well as running sessions. She is the communication conduit and keeps the staff up-to-date on the cool things happening in Film, Science Fiction, Comic Books and Da Bears. She’s an all around rock (geek) star!

David Murphy

(Session Director)

Having returned to O’Connor Casting after starting an acting school, David is a go to session director. He brings years of experience in casting and teaching improvisation and acting into everything he does here... Plus a wickedly dry sense of humor to the office.

Jessica Lyons

(Casting Assistant/Session Director)

Jess is the kind of gal who always has an extra Band-Aid, might bring you homemade goodies if you’re extra nice, and is always down to watch baby animal videos. She’s a BFA graduate of Roosevelt University’s CCPA, and has spent most of her good years filling her passport with stamps as a performer, tour manager, and producer. Three things to know about her: She’s hopelessly devoted to making thorough lists, you probably shouldn’t mess with her until she’s had lots of coffee, and yes- that’s probably her singing in the hallway.

Alexis Taylor

(Casting Coordinator)

Alexis was the type of child who preferred reading a book over playing with friends. As a youngster she preferred going to the museum over going to the mall. If she wasn't reading or at the museum, you could find her watching the same musical over and over learning the choreography, which she would then teach her friends and later film. She went on to study dance in college, and switched to communications and media when she realized that she’d rather work with artists than be an artist.

Alexis still uses dance as a creative outlet in her spare time by directing a dance company for college students and a non-profit dance company for children. Alexis is very excited to be working at O'Connor Casting Company as the Casting Coordinator!

Drama “Queen” O’Connor

(Casting Canine, RIP 8/4/16)

She will always be apart of the office and the casting community of Chicago. She lived up to her name and her devotion to all is eternal. She spent ten years bringing joy, and crazy to our lives and will be in our memories forever.