Do you want to learn more about what a Casting Director does?  Or how Talent Agents operate?  Or how productions do what they do?  This is an incredible opportunity to see how the business works in general.

O’Connor Casting Company has an internship program designed to educate actors, college students, or anyone who is serious about learning the casting process and being able to apply that to your career in the entertainment business.

Does your schedule not allow you to work an internship 5 days a week? Our internship is a minimum of 2 days a week for 3 months or 3 days a week for 2 months. We can be very flexible with your schedule. It is non-paid and can be done for school credit.

At O’Connor Casting, you will get hands on knowledge and experience that you can apply to many careers in entertainment.  Past interns are scattered throughout the country in every aspect of this business.

Great! So now that you’ve found what you are looking for and you believe you would be perfect for us, just e-mail a cover letter and resume for consideration to Matthew Amador at