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O’Connor Casting Company has launched an extras division called “OCC EXTRAS”. It is a separate division within the company that handles UNION extras for Commercial, Print, New Media, Industrial, and Web Content use that fall under the SAG-AFTRA contract. We know how important Extra work can be to a performer in regards to income and also contributing towards your union healthcare coverage minimums. The goal of OCC EXTRAS is to bring a quality experience to Production Companies and Advertising Agencies shooting in the Chicagoland area.

DO NOT SIGN UP IF: If you DON’T want to be considered for Extra work on a regular basis, or if you CANNOT work as a local. This is only BACKGROUND, not Principal roles.

OCC EXTRAS will not be acting as your agent. We are an extras casting company. We will, however, want to know who you want listed as your “Agency of Record” for potential upgrades to OCP (On Camera Principle) roles and to make sure they are notified when you are booked on something. We will be working with them. Know that you will be notified for check avails and bookings directly through OCC EXTRAS.



The below link will lead you to a Casting Networks registration page where you can create a free profile that will be associated with OCC Extras Casting. (Even if you already have an existing account with Casting Networks, you must still create a new profile for OCC Extras Casting).

As you are going through the process of completing your profile, you will come across a page called ‘Representation’. This is where you will enter your Agency of Record ** (see below for more information). Please be sure to enter only ONE agency in the box marked AGENT 1. Please be sure to include your agent of record’s phone number.

Additionally, make sure that your height and weight are accurate and all applicable information is completed. That means keeping it up to date on those much needed abilities, special skills that you have. Also, upload your most current Headshot.


Choosing your (SAG FRANCHISED) Agent of Record:

– If you are exclusively represented by one Agency, then list that Agency. They will become the AGENCY OF RECORD for you. If you switch agencies, then you will need to update your profile.

-If you are multi-listed, you MUST CHOOSE ONE AGENCY to be affiliated with for all OCC Extra’s projects. Whichever agency you choose will become your AGENCY OF RECORD. You can change your Agency of Record at a later date if you would like, but we ask for you to stay constant with your choice and NOT constantly switch them. We require, if you have current representation, that you list an agent.

– If you are not represented by an Agent, that is fine. Just leave that section blank. BUT YOU MUST STILL BE A SAG/AFTRA ACTOR.

Regarding payment for extra work, you will be paid directly from the Signator or payroll service. Payment will NEVER come from OCC EXTRAS and we will never be considered your employer or Agent.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS please feel free to contact your agent


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