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“Yes I was nervous but your staff really put me at ease. They really mean it when they say “Just be yourself”. So even though I’ve already been featured in a nationwide TV commercial for Ace Hardware, I’m ready for more opportunities and can’t wait until you have another client that’s looking for someone like me. I foresee giving an interview one day where I’ll say it all started with signing up with O’Connor Casting!!”Albert B.

“Working with O’Connor Casting’s Real People Castings has been a blast! We’ve loved the whole process from the interviews to the commercial shoots. What we’ve really enjoyed the most is working alongside the creative and talented people who pull off a commercial shoot from start to finish. Working these commercials has also paid off financially as well! We’ve enjoyed building a little savings from the extra income that has come in through our work on commercials.”Scott and Jenny B.

“Our dream is to become actors. We didn’t have resumes, headshots, or an agency but because of O’Connor’s “Real People Casting” they found us and we booked a Burger King Commercial. We flew to New York First class to film the commercial and since then we booked a Cars.com Commercial. Thank you O’Connor for the opportunity and life changing experience!”Demetrius and Demorris B.

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