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Want to Get in on the Discussion?

THE OCC POV - Virtual Discussions with Casting Professionals

Would you like to be in the room where it happens and be a part of the discussions that could either help you break into the business or take your acting career to another level?

If so, then join us for OCC Perspectives – a unique virtual opportunity to connect one-on-one with casting professionals from O’Connor Casting Company.



Because those in the know… know how to help!

One on one discussions are $100 for 45-60 minutes and are scheduled via phone according to mutual availability. These are very loose, kept highly confidential, and open as the focus is all about what you need to know or learn as the artist.

We understand times are tough for the artistic community and want to offer everyone an opportunity, so we’re also offering FREE group discussions (located at the bottom) for people who can’t afford it at this time.


DISCUSSION TOPICS led by David O’Connor CSA, Joan O’Connor CSA, Virginia Anello CSA, or Jessica Lyons:

  • NEW TO THE BUSINESS AND AUDITION BASICS: No matter if you’re in front of or behind the camera – understanding casting is an important key to success.  We’ll chat with you through the basics: what to expect at a casting office, in the audition room, searching for a talent agent, etc.
  • VIRTUAL & SELF TAPE AUDITION HELP: Take us on a tour of your place and we’ll talk through the best set ups. We’ll discuss virtual auditions and self-tapes, virtual callbacks with clients.
  • PARENTS IN THE INDUSTRY:  This is open to parents with kids in the industry looking to gain a deeper understanding.  We’ll talk about how to help your child prepare for regular or virtual auditions, SAG vs. Non-Union, labor laws – all the information you need to help your child’s career. 
  • KIDS AUDITIONS – TIPS & TRICKS: A discussion on how to make the most of your child’s virtual or self-tape audition. Parents and Children should attend together.
  • REAL PEOPLE PROJECTS: Are you someone who would like to dabble in acting, but are not necessarily willing to quit your day job? We’ll give you the best approaches on how to apply for projects, get noticed, and present yourself in your best light on auditions or self-tapes.
  • BECOMING A REALITY TV CAST MEMBER: Have you ever watched “The Amazing Race” or “Survivor” and thought “How could I be on that show?” Attend a discussion with Emmy Award winning Reality TV Producer, Joan O’Connor and find out best ways to apply, what makes an interesting cast member and ways to make an audition tape that will get you noticed!


DISCUSSION TOPICS led by David Murphy:

  • IMPROVISATION IN COMMERCIALS: So, you have a commercial audition? To improvise or not to improvise…? What’s expected, what does casting & clients look for, if, when and how to improvise with a written script. How to work off a beat structure.
  • COMMERCIAL SCRIPT ANALYSIS: READING AND BREAKING DOWN A SCRIPT: A discussion on reading a commercial script and breaking it down to find the nuances, shifts, changes, different interruptions and creating at least 3 different colors in a piece of copy.
  • IMPROVISATION AND THE SELF TAPE & PHYSICALITY AND THE CHARACTER: As we all try to work in this Covid-19 world, self-taping has become a form of auditioning. A discussion on tricks of using Improvisation in your isolated world of self-tapes. Using yourself and the world around you to create character by adding physicality to it. Discussing those quiet/physical moments that can add flavor to a scene.






Led by David O’Connor CSA or David Murphy

Free group discussions on various topics in the industry. We’ll take some questions beforehand and try to address as many as possible!

– David O’Connor will focus on general questions surrounding the industry.

– David Murphy will focus on improvisation and performance in auditions.

FREE! 45 mins long with a max of 50 participants 






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