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Work Permit Info for Minors

If you are the parent / guardian of a minor (15 years of age and under) and would like to register your child for background work, please read the below information thoroughly as all minors are required to have a current and valid Illinois Department of Labor Employment Certificate, aka a “work permit.”

Minors must always have a copy of their current Illinois work permit with them on set each and every day of work for any production shooting in Illinois. It does not matter if you reside in Illinois or are out-of-state; the work permit is required to WORK in Illinois.

Below are instructions for obtaining this work permit, which you will need if your child is booked on a production, as either an extra or a principal.

Work permits are valid for a period of one year and must be renewed to keep them current and valid. Make sure if you already have a work permit that you are keeping it up-to-date.

There are several documents required in order to secure a work permit (STEP 1). And there are several locations that will issue them (STEP 2). All you have to do is gather all required documents and schedule an appointment at the location most convenient for you. Give yourself plenty of time to secure this before your child is hired on to any job. Links to sample documents are available at the bottom of this page.


Step 1: Required Documentation

We recommend you gather all documents required by Section 12 of the Child Labor Law, 820 ILCS 205 prior to scheduling your appointment to get your work permit. The first item, the Letter of Intent to Employ, will be the only item you will need to obtain from OCC Extras. The rest of the items will be your responsibility to provide (social security cards/numbers are no longer required to help prevent identity theft). Unless the location informs you otherwise, assume your child will have to accompany you to the work permit appointment.


A letter from the prospective employer on letterhead stationery, signed by the employer or agent, stating the type of work and work schedule. 
WE AT OCC EXTRAS WILL PROVIDE THIS TO YOU, AS THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN OBTAIN ON YOUR OWN. If your child is repped by a talent agent, they can also provide this.


An original birth certificate issued by the city, county, state or hospital is preferred. Copies will not be accepted. Baptismal certificates, passports, insurance policies and notices of birth registrations will be accepted.


A signed written statement from the parent or guardian approving the child’s employment. Please include child’s name and the address and phone number.


(Note from Physician): A statement of physical fitness signed by a public health or public school physician who has examined the minor within one year of the date or work permit application, certifying that the minor is physically fit to be employed in all legal occupations or to be employed in legal occupations under limitations specified. (Download Sample Below)


A signed principal’s statement on school letterhead stationery verifying the school-age child is active in school. (Not just a transcript). (Download Sample Below)

Step 2: Work Permit Locations

Illinois residents should contact a local high school to determine if they will issue a work permit. If you reside outside of the state, your child must also have an IL work permit, so you should also check with your nearest IL high school to see if they will issue one for you. The State Board of Education is also an option, but they have very limited available appointment times, so your local high school should be the first place you check out! Try the CPS Building or the Board of Education if you cannot make it work at your high school.

Always call first to make sure the location issues work permits and to secure an appointment. Check with the location to find out if your child will have to accompany you to the work permit appointment.

Illinois State Board of Education
100 West Randolph, 14th Floor
Phone: 312-814-2220
Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Please call for an appointment.

Chicago Public Schools Building
4655 S. Dearborn
Please call for an appointment.

Chicago Public Schools, Department of Truancy Prevention
125 South Clark Street
Suite 1016
Phone: 773-553-2180
Fax: 773-553-2182
Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Please call for an appointment.

The following facilities in the Chicago area will issue permits during the school year:
• 6323 North Avondale – 773-534-1100
• 2021 North Burling – 773-534-8230
• 231 North Pine – 773-534-6284
• 10 West 35th Street – 773-534-9082 6139
• South Wolcott – 773-535-9570
• 10541 South Aberdeen – 773-535-2600